They're back...those little red guys

This post title reads (oddly) those little red guys are back
like I was having a serious break out or perhaps a case of poison ivy
but fear not...in reality I finally have tomato plants in my yard (again).  
Whew...tomato panic over : )

 Not sure what it is,  but a kitchen garden just isn't complete without these little red guys.....
the lowly and much maligned tomato plant.
The tomato plant can either be your crowning glory or the agony 
of your forever present brown thumb

which are you?

I often hesitate (even today) to purchase the little buggers at the grocery store. 
I'm spoiled. I've tasted tomato heaven...nirvana in a red suit. 
Yes my gardening gurus...we are equally appalled
and overjoyed by the often scary quantity of offspring 
a single plant will give and....
we are in love with all things tomato..ey

We sauce them and caprese salad them
We creatively arrange them on little toasts with basil fronds 

 And lets not forget the joy of knowing that their yours...you own them
you grew them 
and now you may eat them (all 4000 little cherries?)
 any which way you choose.

I had many, five to be exact,bumper crop tomato summers 
while we were living in Ojai
I've grown the best heirlooms, 
Cherokee, Black Krim, Green zebra
Yep... San Marzano, little yellow pears, 
The Mortage Lifter, Super Sauce, Sweet 1000, 
Early Girl and late Harvert.... the list goes on and on

 I've picked them green, gold, peach, red, orange,
 broken, split, oozing, buggy and just plain ugly
 and I have love and enjoyed each and every one.
Eating a tomato off the vine, mid summer, hot from the sun is one of 
God's great gifts.

The juice flows and the sweet taste is like none other. 

The serious gardener and the "wanna be" beginner and urbanite 
all rejoice in their first ripe tomato.
You've earned it kids!
 Eat your work!
 It will slay you

The tomato is a rite of gardening passage 

 Camera in hand I photographed them on the vine,
 in a bowl, on a pizza, in a basket, on the grass, 
in a  salad, on the porch....yes everywhere but in the bedroom

 They gave me the inspiration
 for some of the best dinners I've ever eaten
 Will you deny that they are not beautiful?
Yes they are and we love them

I have so missed the vegetable garden and my little red buddies 
and I finally have a nice spot in our new house.
 It's small and not perfect but...
I vowed I would get at least one tomato plant in the ground by June 1st 
and I actually got to plant 4!!!

wish me luck
eat your tomato's 

their good for you

carry on tomato gardeners




Late Summer Getaway Wardrobe

We have not been able to get away for any long trips this summer but we have a few weekends planned and love to take off in September when the weather cools a bit

I'm not an advanced awesome packer but I have learned a few tricks, one of which is to take a wardrobe that essentially is all in the same color family 

In this case I'm taking every thing in 
soft blush pink 

I try to keep jewelry to a minimum,
 usually one necklace, a great watch and two pairs of earrings
(do you own an Apple watch?  I don't but they look pretty darn fun)

I always pack a hat...it's that crazy hair thing that happens to me ; )
Maxi's work because that can transition from day to dinner fairly easily 
This is a pretty light creamy skirt from Zara

and I like easy comfortable pants
usually jeans or drapey linen
and tailored cropped trousers are a great call

For a quick weekend trip, I wear one pair of shoes and bring a spare but never more than that because I never wear them!  
Seriously..... I have packed more shoes for vacations 
and wind up wearing only two pair the entire trip

Always a pair of sneakers
chucks are a great choice 

and a pair of low heals or maybe a great comfy boot

I found these on Zappos and I loooooove them

Our little getaways are alway by car 
so luggage is simple 
with duffles that work both as a purse and for clothes

I love this classic Branch Tote
from LL Bean
you can have these monogramed too

and throw a simple clutch inside the tote for shopping or dinner

this simple white one is from Brooks Brothers

So here is what I have planned for two days 
on a foodie getaway in Northern California

 turquoise necklace @Nordstrom
bucket hat @UrbanOutfitters (Stussy)
belt @JCrew
heels @Macy's
sunnies @Salt
chucks @Zappos
sweater@RalphLauren (Denim & Supply)
cashmere wrap scarf@White+Warren
basic tee@Gap
white jeans@LaurenRalphLauren
knit maxi@Polo 
nails@Dior (Tra-La-La)
lips@Dior (Creme de Rose lip balm)

(I didn't give you all of the links but these are all items that are really easy to find)

oh and don't forget the wine opener

see you soon!


Faux No

 I finally broke down and purchased a new camera.  My poor little Canon was so battered and grimy that I could barely see through the view finder.  It's also about time I took the time to use my camera properly and quit taking the easy route of shooting just about everything in Auto mode.

So here are a few shots of some faux flowers!!!!
 shhhhhh don't tell
using my new camera and experimenting with exposure and shutter speed

I found these flowers at Crate and Barrel

Shooting manually is actually really fun and gives you the opportunity to play around 
with exposure and depth of field

 Here are some close up shots of the little fake peonies

 The hydrangea are not nearly as realistic but still pretty I think

these last two shots are really washed out and over exposed but I like them anyway

Can you do fake flowers?  
 They are pretty darn easy and are still looking fresh after a month!!!
woo hoo
; )

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